Translated Values JSON

Use the Translated Values if you want to show the selected values to your user. The Translated Values contain the values of the Session or the values of the Transaction after a successful payment.

The main difference between the Session/Transaction JSON and the Translated Values JSON is, that the values are "human readable" and formatted correctly for the language of the form.

Some examples for better understanding:

KeyValue of Session/TransactionValue of Translated Values e.g. German
fb_item_id4567"bedrohte Tiere" (Name of the item in your form settings)

We recommend to use these values, otherwise you have to care about translation and formation by yourself. The function "fillValues()" of our Form-API uses these translated values to fill the coresponding elements.

All fieldnames of your form are available keys. On a success page with transaction token, the JSON contains several additional useful values.

  // fieldnames:
  "amount": "12,34",
  "interval": "monatlich",
  "wants_receipt": "Ja, bitte einmal im Jahr",
  "salutation": "Frau",
  "title": "",
  "first_name": "Beate",
  "last_name": "Beispiel",
  "birthday": "01.02.1983",
  "wants_newsletter": 0,
  "donation_custom_field_123": "Test",
  "person_custom_field_456": "4,5", // e.g. number field
  // additional on success page:
  "mandate_reference_id": "FB-SEPA-12345",
  "micropayment_direct_debit_pay_date": "15.09.2016",
  "micropayment_prepay_due_date": "30.10.2016",
  "micropayment_prepay_pay_text": "...",
  "micropayment_prepay_bank_name": "...",
  "micropayment_prepay_iban": "...",
  "micropayment_prepay_bic": "..."


This JSON is only available by our Form-API.