Creates a new person.

To create, update or delete child objects like fb_person_phone or fb_person_bank_accounts please take a look at the special endpoints like /personPhone, /personBankAccount etc.

company_idThe optional id of a company (= another person) if this contact belongs to a companyinteger
company_nameThe name of the company if is_company=truestring (1000)
salutationThe salutation (only if is_company=false)Enum ("Mr.", "Mrs.", "diverse", "couple", "family")
titleThe title (only if is_company=false)string (50)
first_nameThe first name (only if is_company=false)string (100)
last_nameThe last name (only if is_company=false)string (100)yes
birthdayThe birthday (only if is_company=false)date
positionThe position (only if is_company=false)string (200)
infoSome information about the personstring (1000)
wants_mailingInformation about contact opportunitiesboolean
wants_no_emailInformation about contact opportunitiesboolean
wants_no_postInformation about contact opportunitiesboolean
wants_no_callInformation about contact opportunitiesboolean
greetingA individual greetingstring (1000)
is_companytrue of it is a companyboolean
external_person_idA kind of identifier that is used in any 3rd party systemsstring (100)
updated_minonly return persons that are updated since the given date (included the date)date
updated_maxonly return persons that are updated before the given date (included the date)date


Custom fields

Please find further information about custom fields at the custom fields section.

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