Returns a collection of sepa mandates



Maximum is 100 entries, use the page parameter to get the next results.

(with pagination: /mandates.xml?page={page_number})

Filter by criteria

GET /mandates.json?received_min={value}&page={page_number}

Returns a collection of SEPA mandates that fits to the given criteria.

These criteria are currently available:

fb_person_idID of the person the SEPA mandate belongs tointeger
transaction_typeType of the SEPA mandateEnum ("one-off", "recurrent")
date_minMinimum datedate
date_maxMaximum datedate
last_usage_minMinimum date of last usagedate
last_usage_maxMaximum date of last usagedate
mandate_statusStatus of the SEPA mandateEnum ("recurrent", "active", "cancelled")
originOrigin of the SEPA mandateEnum ("paper", "eze", "other")
referencePart of the SEPA mandate referencestring
reference_idExact SEPA mandate referencestring


If no mandates with these criteria exist, an empty mandates container will be returned.

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