IP of donation

You have to provide the IP of the user (not of your server!). This is required to block spamming users/bots, otherwise your server will be blocked!


If everything went successfully you get a Transaction JSON in return. Otherwise you get a Errors JSON and you have to handle or show the errors to your user.


Consider the payment_status!

If the payment status is "awaiting" you have to redirect the user to the given redirect url, so he/she can finalize the payment.

Processing a session

Build up a session with the Session-API and submit only the session hash to this endpoint. The status of your session has to be "complete", so there must not be any errors in the session. Important: additional "payment"-data sent with the session will be ignored, you cannot combine these.


A session can only be processed once!

After a session was sucessfully processed, you cannot read or use it again.

Success and failure URL

After a redirect payment like PayPal there has to be a success/failure page. By default it's the embed url of your form with a status parameter. We recommend to submit a "success_redirect_url" and "failure_redirect_url" so these urls are taken for redirect.

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