Creates a new fundraising page.

fb_fundraising_page_addon_idID of a fundraising page addonintegeryes
titleThe title of the pagestring (100)yes
descriptionA description of the pagestringyes
donation_messageThe message that is shown to a donor after donationstringyes
expires_atThe end date of the pagedateyes
fundraiser_nameThe public name of the fundraiserstring (100)yes
fundraiser_emailThe e-mail of the fundraiserstring (100)yes
goalThe goal of the fundraising pagefloatyes
statusThe statusEnum ("not_approved", "locked", "active", "preferred")
fb_person_idID of a person

(once set this value could not be changed by a PUT request any more)
fb_payment_form_project_item_idID of a payment form project iteminteger
image [name]The name of the imagestring (500)
image [type]The mime type of the image (e.g. "image/jpg")string (100)
image [content]The image as base64 encoded stringstring


Custom fields

Please find further information about custom fields at the custom fields section.

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