Returns a collection of transactions.


Important: transactions vs. donations

If you would like to retrieve donation data please use donations.json! This transactions.json is only suitable for some special cases if you need data immediately after the donation.

While a transaction offers raw data from the donation form donations have a higher data quality and are available for manual created donations as well.



Maximum is 100 entries, use the page parameter to get the next results.

(with pagination: /transactions.json?page={page_number})

Filter by criteria

GET /transactions.json?amount_min={value}&page={page_number}

Returns a collection of transactions that fits to a given criteria.

These criteria are currently available:

tokenThe unique token of a transactionstring
amount_minMinimum amountfloat
amount_maxMaximum amountfloat
date_minMinimum creation datedate
date_maxMaximum creation datedate
fb_type_idThe ID of a payment typeinteger
fb_source_idThe ID of a sourceinteger
fb_payment_form_configuration_idThe ID of a payment forminteger
statusThe statusEnum ("awaiting", "confirmed", "processing", "reversed", "failed")
recurring1 when only transactions by recurring should be returned.

0 when only transactions with no recurring should be returned.
meta_infoSome content included in the meta informationstring



You can find a transaction by its token with the following request:
GET /transactions.json?token={value}


Meta infos

The data could offer some so called "meta infos". These meta info can contain some useful additional informations. Please take a look at the meta-info section for more details.


Empty result

If no transaction with these criteria exist, an empty transaction container will be returned.

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