FundraisingPage JSON-API

Retrieve fundraising page data as JSON

You can retrieve the public fundraising page data as JSON via a given url. Thus you are able to render the fundraising pages very flexible at your own. For example you can read the JSON data by using JavaScript and create HTML according to the retrieved JSON data.

JSON url

You can find the JSON url at the fundraising page add on configuration at „Settings“. Please select a fundraising page tool first. The JSON url of the choosen fundraising page tool is shown at „JSON address“. Here you can define some filters and sortings to finally get the JSON url at the end of the page.

The url looks like this:

These are the available search parameter to filter the list of fundraising pages:

Search parameterDescriptionDetails
received_percentage_minMinimum percentage of reached goalA number greater than 0.
statusStatus of a pagepreferred: only show preferred pages
show_expiredShow expired pagesDefault: Do not show expired pages
1: also show expired pages
countNumber of resultsA number greater than 0
sortSortingDefault: randomized order
received_percentage: Show pages with the highest received percentage first
received: Show pages with the highest received amount first
manually: Show pages according to the domains-parameter.
domainsA comma separated list of domainsOnly in combination with sort=manually
has_imageShow pages with images onlyDefault: Show all pages
1: show only pages with an image
titlePage titleCase insensitivity search
descriptionPage descriptionCase insensitivity search
fundraiser_namePublic name of the fundraiserCase insensitivity search
searchPerforms a search in title, description and fundraiser_nameCase insensitivity search

JSON data

  	"domain": "xyz",
    "title": "Running for world peace",
    "fundraiser_name": "John Doo",
    "description": "Dear friends, I will run for world peace.",
    "donation_message": "Thank you for your support",
    "has_image": true,
    "image_url": "",
    "link": "",
    "json_link": "",
    "payment_link": "",
    "expires_at": "2016-06-25",
    "days_left": 36,
    "project_name": "",
    "category": "creative",
    "status": "preferred",
    "goal": 1000,
    "received": 230,
    "received_percentage": 23,
    "donation_count": 2,
    "donations": [ 
        "date": "2016-04-04 10:33:43",
        "amount": 30,
        "public_name": "Tim",
        "public_message": "Good job, dude!"
        "date": "2016-05-01 20:11:42",
        "amount": 200,
        "public_name": "Your mum",
        "public_message": "Go for it, Johnny!"

In the list of fundraising pages every single page has it's own json_link. With this link you can retrieve the data from this page only.

HTML + JavaScript Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>JSON Search Example</title>
		<script type="text/javascript" src="/jquery.min.js"></script>
		<form id="searchForm">
			<label for="search">Search</label>
			<input type="text" id="search" />
		<button id="searchButton">Start search</button>
		<div id="results"></div>
		<script type="text/javascript">
			$("#searchButton").unbind("click").on("click", function() {
						count: 12,
						search: $("#search").val()
				).done(function(data) {
					var results = "";
					if(data.length > 0)
						$.each(data, function(index, page) {
							results += "<a href='""'>"+page.title+"</a><br />";
						results = "<i>No matches</i>";