Error codes

If you try to access an object that does not exists the API responds with the HTTP error code 404. When trying to access an object without the necessary rights you will get an HTTP error code 403 in return.

If another error occurs the API responds with an HTTP status 400 and the following JSON format:

            "message":"A tag with this name already exists."

Please note that there can be more than one error (example with a german localisation):


An error always specifies the associated field. If the error doesn’t belong to a specific field (like “invalid_json”) the field value is “global_error”.


Furthermore an error gives you an error code, which is a constant lower case string whose meaning is explained in the table below.

Some errors may provide an user message, too. This is a human readable localised error message translated to the language the user has chosen in the FundraisingBox. Pay attention that not every error provides such a human readable message. Generally speaking these errors without a human readable message points to a programming error. This case is neither caused by a user nor can be fixed by a user.

CodeUser messageDescription
address_incompleteyesthe provided address is incomplete. At least one value (post code, city, etc.) is missing.
already_existsyesan object (e.g. a tag) that should be created exists already
already_usedyes1) an object that could only be used once (e.g. a one time sepa mandate) is already in use

2) an object that is in use could not be deleted
bank_account_incompleteyesthe provided bank account is incomplete. At least one value (IBAN, bank account number, etc.) is missing
conflicting_datayessome data is inconsistence
date_must_be_futureyesa date must be in the future
date_must_be_pastyesa date must be in the past
donations_existyesthe requested operation is not possible since there is at least one connected donation
donations_or_recurrings_existyesthe requested operation is not possible since there is at least one connected donation or recurring payment
fundraising_pages_existyesthe requested operation is not possible since there is at least one connected fundraising page
has_receiptyesa donation with an existing donation receipt could not be deleted
invalidyesthe specified value is invalid
invalid_api_versionnothe url references to an invalid api version (only exists for the field “global_error”)
invalid_jsonnothe provided data is not a valid json document (only exists for the field “global_error”)
invalid_is_main_statusnothere must be exactly one address/email address/phone/bank account per person where is_main is true.
maxyesthe specified text is too high
max_lengthyesthe specified text is too long
minyesthe specified value is too low
min_lengthyesthe specified text is too short
missing_api_versionnothere is no api version specified in the URL path (e.g. instead of
missing_idnoan required id is missing
missing_sepa_confignoto use sepa mandates you have to specify some sepa details like creditor id in your FundraisingBox before
no_api_packagenothis API is part of the api package which is not booked yet
no_permissionnothe user has no permission to perform this request (e.g. no write permission or crm is not active)
no_write_operation_availablenothe entity is a readonly object and does not provide the requested write operation (only exists for the field “global_error”)
no_square_sizeyesan uploaded image must be square
not_deletableyesan object is not deletable (e.g. a bank account is still used in an active recurring payment)
not_editablenothe field exists, but is not editable. This is typically caused by the current object state (e.g. you cannot edit the amount of a donation when a donation receipt exists)
person_on_waitlistnothe operation is not allowed for a person on the waitlist.
project_items_existyesan project is not deletable since it is used in at least one form as project item
quota_exceedednothe quota for this object type is exceeded
recurrings_existyesthe requested operation is not possible since there is at least one connected recurring payment
reference_prefix_invalidyesthe provided sepa mandate reference must not start with a specific string
requiredyesa mandatory value is missing
sepa_mandate_payment_type_mismatchyesEither you use a payment type that does not need a SEPA mandate with a mandate or a payment type that need a SEPA mandate does not have one.
e.g. PayPal donation with SEPA mandate oder SEPA direct debit donation without a SEPA mandate.
signature_dispensableyesa pending sepa mandate cannot have a signature date
unknown_errornoan unknown error occured (only exists for the field “global_error”)
unknown_fieldnothe JSON data contains a field that is not part of the JSON schema
vbpk_existsyeswith an activated vbPK extension (only used in Austria) a person’s name or birthday cannot be changed when there is a vbPK already