Creates a new donation.

fb_person_idID of a personinteger
fb_source_idID of a sourceinteger
fb_project_idID of a projectinteger
fb_type_idID of a payment typeintegeryes
fb_person_bank_account_idID of a bank accountinteger
fb_person_credit_card_idID of a credit cardinteger
fb_sepa_mandate_idID of a mandatesinteger
amountThe amountfloatyes
infoA message from the donorstring (500)
receipt_statusStatus of the donation receipt wishEnum ("receipt_now", "no_receipt", "receipt_end_of_year", "receipt_sent", "receipt_never")
public_nameA public name of the donorstring (100)
public_messageA public message from the donorstring (1000)
fb_fundraising_page_idID of a fundraising pageinteger
external_donation_idCould be used to store the ID in an external systemstring(100)
received_atTimestamp when the money of the donotion was receiveddatetime
created_atTimestamp when the donation was createddatetimeyes


Custom fields

Please find further information about custom fields at the custom fields section.

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