Returns a collection of recurring payments that fits to a given criteria array.



Maximum is 100 entries, use the page parameter to get the next results.

(with pagination: /recurrings.xml?page={page_number})

Filter by criteria

GET /recurrings.xml?amount_min={value}&page={page_number}

Returns a collection of recurring payments that fits to a given criteria.

These criteria are currently available:

showOnly show active recurrings when show=active"active"
typeType of the recurring paymentEnum ("recurring_membership", "recurring_sponsorship", "recurring_donation", "recurring_fine")
amount_minMinimum amountfloat
amount_maxMaximum amountfloat
start_minMinumum start datedate
start_maxMaximum start datedate
next_minMinimum next datedate
next_maxMaximum next datedate
intervalThe interval of the recurringEnum (1, 3, 6, 12)
(1 = monthly, 3 = quartely, 6 = half yearly, 12 = yearly)
fb_project_idThe ID of a projectinteger
fb_type_idThe ID of a payment typeinteger
fb_source_idThe ID of a sourceinteger
fb_payment_form_configuration_idThe ID of a payment forminteger
fb_person_idThe ID of a personinteger
ids (separated by comma)A comma separated list of IDsstring
search_idThe ID of a smart searchinteger
is_testFilter test donationsEnum ("yes", "no", "all") - default is "all"


If no recurring payments with these criteria exist, an empty recurring payment container will be returned.

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