Creates a new SEPA mandate.

reference_idMandate reference
(if empty the FundraisingBox will create an unique reference)
string (35)
mandate_statusStatus of the SEPA mandateEnum ("pending", "active", "cancelled")
signature_dateDate of signaturedate
last_usage_dateDate when the mandate was recently useddate
fb_person_idID of a personintegeryes
transaction_typeType of the SEPA mandateEnum ("one-off", "recurrent")
bank_account_ownerName of the bank account ownerstring (150)yes
bank_ibanIBANstring (34)
bank_bicBICstring (11)yes
creditor_idCreditor IDstring (35)yes
creditor_nameCreditor namestring (200)yes
creditor_address_detailsCreditor addressstring (300)yes
infoAn optional internal descriptionstring (5000)
originOrigin of the SEPA mandateEnum ("paper", "eze", "other")
sent_byHow the SEPA mandate was sent to the donorEnum ("email", "post", "website")
sent_dateDate when the SEPA mandate was sent to the donordate


SEPA configuration

To create SEPA mandates you have to specify your creditor id, IBAN, etc. in your FundraisingBox!

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