Success page

The FundraisingBox provides you various possibilities to show an individual success page to your donors.

Automatic success page

By default the donors are sent back to your embed url with a success parameter and the iFrame shows your success message of your form settings. There are several variables you can use to individualize the message. For more details please visit our Help-Center.


Own individual success URL

If your FundraisingBox-plan includes this feature you can define your own success URL in your form settings. The donors will now be sent to this url after a successful donation.


As you can see in the screenshot, you can append variables to your URL to individualize your success page:

  • %amount%
  • %salutation%
  • %title%
  • %first_name%
  • %last_name%
  • %company_name%
  • %country%
  • %fb_transaction_id%
  • %fb_project_id%
  • %fb_item_id%
  • %fb_type_id%
  • %interval%
  • %email%
  • %wants_newsletter%
  • %prepay_pay_text%
  • %prepay_due_date%
  • %prepay_bank_name%
  • %prepay_iban%
  • %prepay_bic%
  • %token%
  • %donation_custom_field_[ID]%
  • %person_custom_field_[ID]%


Append and use the token if you want to retrieve the transaction data via REST-API:

Some hints:

  • If a company is the donor, only the %company_name% is set, but not %salutation%, %first_name% and %last_name%.
  • You can find the IDs of your custom fields at Settings > Custom fields.
  • %email%, %donationcustom_field[ID]% and %personcustom_field[ID]% are not available in all FundraisingBox-plans.
  • Please have a look on Predefined values to see which values are possible.

Dynamic individual success URL

If your FundraisingBox-plan includes the own individual success URL you can even use the Form-Prepopulation-API to define a dynamic success URL. For example: if your donor comes from the project page "A" you can set the success URL to "thankyouA.html" and if your donor comes from the project page "B" you can define "thankyouB.html". The parameter to define the URL is "success_redirect_url".
Of course you can also use the variables like %amount% etc.



Append to Javascript / URL encoding

We recommend to append the URL encoded to the Javascript code, so it's not visible in the browser address line and there is no encoding mess up with the parameters.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{your_form_hash}&"></script>

Automatic dynamic success URL

If your FundraisingBox-plan has unlimited forms available, you can embed a form anywhere you want. The embed URL of your form settings is not checked anymore. The form automatically remembers it's parent URL and redirects to this URL after a successful donation.

Your embed URL in your form settings is just "".
Now you include your form to "" and the same form also to "".
After a successful donation, the donors will be automatically sent to the origin with success-status: "" and ""