Creates a new bank account.

fb_person_idID of a person

(once set this value could not be changed by a PUT request any more)
bank_account_ownerName of the bank account ownerstring (150)If bank_bic, bank_iban, bank_account_number or bank_number is given, bank_account_owner must not be empty.
bank_numberBank numberstring (30)
bank_account_numberBank account numberstring (30)
bank_ibanIBANstring (100)
bank_bicBICstring (100)
bank_nameName of the bankstring (200)
bank_countryThe country2 letter country code
is_maintrue if it is the main bank accountboolean


Mandatory fields

Please note that almost every field is optional, but there are some dependencies between fields! Therefor there are some special rules:

  • There must be a value for at least one field.
  • If bank_number is given, bank_account_number must not be empty.
  • If bank_account_number is given, bank_number must not be empty.
  • If bank_bic is given, bank_iban must not be empty.
  • If bank_account_owner is given, a combination of bank_bic/bank_iban resp. bank_account_number/bank_number must be given, too.

Errors according to the rules above results in a "bank_account_incomplete" error.

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