With the FundraisingBox-Payment-API you can send your collected data directly to the app/payment-endpoint or you build up a session with the Introduction and process a complete session. You get a JSON in return.

For a 1-step-form we recommend to send the data directly to the payment-endpoint.

Use the forms/config to check which fields and values are available in your form.



We also provide our Form-API, a Javascript-jQuery-Plugin, for easy implementation on your website.


You just have to provide the hash of your form, there is no secret authentication, because the donation form is a public part of your website. You can find the hash of your form in the settings of your form in your FundraisingBox.



On a successful API-request you get a JSON with HTTP status 200. Even if there are e.g. current_fields_errors on your session or the payment_status is "error", it was a successful request and it returns a JSON with status "success".

Only if there is an error preventing the API from working you get a JSON with status "error" and the corresponding HTTP error code, 400, 404 or 500.

  "status": "error",
  "error": "error 105: no hash"

Possible errors:



error 101: general error
error 900: general error

something went wrong, please contact our support

error 102: not owner

you are not allowed to use forms

error 103: inactive

the selected form is inactive

error 104: not api owner

you are not allowed to use the form api

error 105: no hash

form hash is missing

error 106: no config

no form has been found for the given hash

error 201: session incomplete

you can only process complete session with doPayment()

error 202: session processed

processed sessions cannot be read or updated

error 203: session not found

wrong or no session hash at updateSession

error 204: session exists already

hash of existing session used for createSession

error 205: new session requires values

you have to submit some values for createSession

error 404: server error
error 500: server error

something is wrong with the server

maintenance: ...translated maintenance message...

the FundraisingBox is currently in maintenance mode